A Course is a Course is a Course


A Course is a Course is a Course

Members of the Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities seminar at the 2016 Digital Humanities Summer Institute created this course as an experiment in critical digital pedagogy. We co-designed, built, deployed, promoted, and assessed an open-access online course during our 5-day seminar. We hope that its three modules will help participants better understand how pedagogical practices and structures impact (digital) learning environments and frame educational experiences for multiple audiences.

  • The Listening & Empathy activity asks participants to reflect on how space and time affect our ability to listen and empathize.
  • The Attention & Distraction activity asks participants to think about attention from different perspectives and to reflect on which modes of attention they consider in their pedagogy. Participants on mobile devices will need to download the Prezi app.
  • The Inclusivity & Access activity encourages participants to reflect upon dimensions of inclusivity and access in digital pedagogy and learning, and to create a shared repository of challenges and solutions to them.


Listening and Empathy


Inclusivity and Access


[Photo by “Horsing around” by Patrick Bouquet licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]